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Sterling Silver Stag Beetle Earrings
Tracy Hills Jewellery

Sterling Silver Stag Beetle Earrings

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Ciaróg Damh
Sterling Silver Stag Beetle - Unisex
Immortal Collection

Myths and legends about stag beetles from around the globe abound. In the middle ages, the stag beetle was seen as a thing of the devil; emanating from the depths of hell accompanied by fire. Legend also says they could summon lightning, and that they could carry a burning coal in their antlers to do the devil’s work”

Quite a feat for these lovely little beasts of decay. Legend or not, the stag beetle is spectacular. Its jaws reminiscent of a Stag's antlers - hence their name. They spend most of their lives underground as larvae, only emerging for a few weeks in the summer to find a mate a reproduce.

Ciaróg Damh symbolism is all about rebirth and eternal life.  This is because the stag beetles take what is rotting and dying and processes it before returning it back to Mother Earth. This allows new plants to grow and reuse the nutrients. This is life’s eternal self-renewal. Because their antlers are used for fighting, they also symbolise strength.

This sterling silver stag beetle head with mandibles, is cast in sterling silver from a real beetle.

As with all my castings from natural and organic materials, every little marking, nodule and texture has been perfectly captured in the casting; leaving a detailed and true-to-life piece of jewellery.

Ciaróg Damh earrings have an oxidised finish, which highlights all the detail of the jaw. Polished and gold plated also available.

Material: Sterling silver
Length: 25mm (1")
Width: 12mm (1/2")
Sterling silver studs.

Please Note: your amulet earrings are made to order item. Please allow 14 days for manufacture, and dispatch of your custom pendant.

No animals or insects have been harmed or killed. All my castings are made from animals which have died from natural causes.

Your earrings will arrive gift boxed

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