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Silver Cufflinks Baby Finger Impression
Tracy Hills Jewellery

Silver Cufflinks Baby Finger Impression

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99.9% Fine Silver, Baby finger imprint cuff links. Imprint has been oxidised to enhance the definition between the face of the cuff link and the imprint.

Shapes available:  round, square, rectangle, and oval. Oval picture

These are made with the classic T-Bar or toggle cuff links, but they could be made, using either a short chain, or bar.

Precious Memory Ideas:
Why not start a finger print charm bracelet or necklace?

1) You could get a fingerprint each year as your child is growing up.
2) Collect a finger print from each member of your family. What a special heirloom!
3) Special occasion finger prints jewellery

Tiny babies do not have fingerprints, however with our special moulding compound, it is possible to take an imprint of a babies hand or foot from as young as a couple of days old.

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