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Silver Finger Print Earrings

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99.9% Fine Silver, Baby finger imprint earrings. Imprint has been oxidised to enhance the definition between the charm and the imprint.  Ear wires are sterling silver, with Swarovski crystals. Any colour stone available.  Matching pendant available

Shapes: Four shapes available - round, square, rectangle, and oval

Sizes: small, medium and large - small oval pictured

Precious Memory Ideas:

Why not start a finger print charm bracelet or necklace?

1) You could get a fingerprint each year as your child is growing up.
2) Collect a finger print from each member of your family. What a special heirloom!
3) Special occasion finger prints

Tiny babies do not have fingerprints, however with our special moulding compound, it is possible to take an imprint of a babies hand or foot from as young as a couple of days old.

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