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Beachcomber Collection

The ocean - calm or turbulent, black or turquoise - always mysterious. Not only the home of mythical gods and sea monsters; but equally beautiful sea creatures dwell in her depths.

Our beachcomber jewellery collection is made up from sea treasures found along the shore line. Sea shells, dried starfish, sea urchins and of course the most magical of them all – seahorses; all tossed ashore, perhaps even, by the legendry Poseidon himself.

In our busy lives we can find it difficult to find time to connect with nature. Wearing and touching a natural talisman can help reconnect you with the natural world; or even be a happy reminder of carefree days spent at the beach.

As with all my castings from natural and organic materials, every little marking, nodule and texture has been perfectly captured in the casting; leaving a detailed and true-to-life piece of sterling silver jewellery.