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23rd May 2014
There's been blood, there's been sweat, and there have been a lot of tears: but I have finally done it. After five long years, I have finally finished my BA (Hons) degree.

Two kinetic pieces from my final major project. Both pieces are kinetic and are based on the Little Red Riding Hood Fairytale.

With these pieces I have managed to incorporate a number of my 'loves' in jewellery; boxes, layers, dark fairy tales, movement, nature, and last but not least, animals.

Both pieces feauture Red Riding Hood and the Wolf within a framework of trees.

The first pendant features both characters on little pendulums which swing as you move, and the second one I have used symbolism instead of the actual characters. Both characters are on small sliders, allowing them to be moved sideways, or back and forth within a channel in the base.

After having to miss two and half months of work time due to injury, I am not expecting to get a 2:1, but let's hope I have done enough to at least pass.

Time to celebrate with some Champers!

21st April 2014

It has just occurred to me that I had not given an update on my decision to defer my degree for a year.

Due to many considerations – not least that I only have a few weeks left of my final year, I decided to rather try and finish this year.

So, with a much improved thumb, I am hard at work trying to catch up on the 9 weeks that I lost, and hopefully will have at least one finished piece by the 14th May.

With a lot of hard work and a lot of luck, I just might make it…….

3rd April 2014

It is amazing how a small injury can have a great impact on ones life. In my case it is a severe sprain to my right hand thumb joint.

On the 4th Feb, I fell and hurt my thumb. At first I thought it was just a bit of bruising, but as time went by and it didn’t appear to be healing, I finally went to the doctor. X-Rays and more visits to the doctor confirmed a very bad sprain.

Unable to use my hand properly, I have been unable to do any piercing, leaving me to fall badly behind with my final uni project.

After 5 years of study, with only 6 few weeks left to go, I’ve had to make the incredibly difficult decision to defer for another year. Initially I was distraught, the end was so close; but upon reflection, perhaps this is not such a bad thing.

Firstly it means I can go back next year feeling much more refreshed; which in turn may inspire me; to create some truly unique pieces.

Secondly, I now finally have the opportunity to sort through lots of unfinished pieces, which until now; I have not had the time to do. Hopefully, I can salvage some of it, but also it will now allow me to get on and design and make some of the other pieces I have been dying to do for ages.

So, watch this space.

30th March 2014

Mother's day! And what a beautiful spring day it is. I've been spoilt with some new tools from my dream wish list (never ever thought I'd be excited about reeiving tools as presents)!

Wish I could try them out, but my thumb is still giving me problems. They will have to just sit and wait patiently on my work bench until it has healed. So, I am taking a break from research and sketching and just enjoying being spoilt. I am also being taken out to lunch today.

Hope all other mums are enjoying similar.

21st March 2014

Last week, I mentioned I had an idea for my next pieces, which involved lockets, whilst still incorporating the forest theme.

I was so excited with this idea, thinking I had had a unique idea, but no such luck. Today, whilst researching layered jewellery and forest scenes, I found somebody who has just done a similar design to what I had in mind! Oh boy, what do you do when this happens? Admittedly, mine is not the same design, but it is a similar concept.

What does one do? Carry on and make sure yours is different enough, or do you scrap the idea?

15th March 2014

Excited! I awoke this morning with a new idea for the second piece needed for my final project.
It involves lockets and boxes - some of my favourite items; whilst still incorporating the forest and fairytale theme.
I am soooo excited to begin this; however, my thumb has still not healed. For now it is just sketchbook work.

9th March 2014

What a lovely spring day - after many months of grey skies, incessant rain and flooding, the sun is shining. I should be in the garden enoying the lovely bird calls; instead I am indoors working on marketing!

8th March 2014

With my thumb still out of commission, I am unable to do any metalwork, so I am trying to work on a business logo. I am not very good when it comes to CAD, so it is proving a lot more difficult than I thought - and I am wondering if it is even necessary to have one?

I must say though, that I do like the idea of having a logo; something small which I could use to stamp on my jewellery.

26th Feb 2014

Well, it is my birthday coming up soon, and I am busy making up my ‘dream list’, and you’ve guessed it – Yup it is all tools and books!

On top of the list is this lovely little revolving soldering stand.

26th Feb 2014

Look who is enjoying a bit of indoor sunshine.

After months of grey skies and rain, Tia, my little Chihuahua is enjoying the early spring sunshine from behind closed doors on a soft fluffy blanket.

Photo: Look who is enjoying a bit of indoor sunshine

20th Februry 2014

This is so funny! I hope cleaners never mistake my jewellery for 'rubbish'!

14th Feb

Last year this time I mentioned that at the rate I was going, that I should start designing a Valentines piece in time for this year – well guess what? I didn’t! My degree takes up so much time that I honestly can’t think of anything else, until theactual event when it is quite obviously too late.

Maybe next year…..

In the meantime ‘Happy Valentines Day’ I hope you will all be blessed with a lovely piece of jewellery, or a bouquet of flowers, or chocs and champagne, or a fabulous night out – and for the lucky few – all of the above

13th Feb 2014

Once again, injury is hampering my jewellery making. With deadlines looming, I have been looking into laser cutting.

I have been finding it quite hard to find laser cutters who will do jewellery, and the one company who said they could do what I need, have just come back to me to say their machine is out of order, and they do not know if they will be getting it fixed!

So, if anybody can pass me details of companies who do laser or water cutting, please let me know.

10th Feb

My thumb is still very sore, and I am unable to use it – so once again injury has halted my uni project. At least I am able to work on my sketchbooks

9th Feb 2014

Wow, I need to learn this technique, if I want to be able to draw jewellery well.

If you've ever been curious about drawing reflective surfaces, this quick timelapse video of artist Marcello Barenghi drawing Viking helmet should get your creative juices flowing! Watch

4th FEb 2014

I fell in treacherous carpark injuring my pride and thumb

Thumb sore – hope I’ve not done much damage beyond bruised finger.

25th January 2014
6 years ago, if anybody had of said that I'd be excited by receiving workshop tools, I'd have said they were dreaming! Yet tools are now on my every birthday or Christmas wishlist.

So imagine my excitement when this baby arrived - a prezzie from my husband. It is the top of the range Knew Concepts Saw, with tension tightening (no more sore breastbone) and the blade is able to swivel to 45 degrees, so one can get into areas that weren't possible before.

But the best part is, this will help tremendously with my RSI - particularly as most of my projects involve piercing!

7th January 2014

Anybody got a canoe I can borrow? I need to get to uni, but my street is a river at the moment!

This is the building where my studio is! Luckily I'm on the first floor. I normally walk my little dog Tia along these paths

A short video of the flooding in the area

4th January 2014

New Store on FB openend

January 1st 2014

Happy New Year!

Well it is two years now since I started this blog. Last year I stated that I ahd not kept up to date as much as I wanted to , and my NY resolution was to do better. Did I keep it? I am not sure…. I think I did more thatn in the previous year, but still not as much as I had hoped, So I guess, once again my NY resolution wii be to do more! All the very best for 2014, and I hope that you are better at sticking to your resolutions than I am.

25th December 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone.

I hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful festive season. x


23rd December 2013

Just had a mad dash to my studio for some late Christmas shoppers. A young lad wanting a bird skull necklace for his girlfriend. I am relieved to say I had something which he loved. So one happy customer.

ON THE WORK BENCH TODAY - Ramalina Cuff Bangle

This commission still has to be stone set and polished; to be despatched today at 5:00. Can I do it?

18th December 2013

Bird claws

Almost sold out of bird claw jewellery at the Maltings, so am busy getting pendants and earrings ready to re-stock.

7th December 2013

Oh hello...... so that's what you look like! Long time no see!!
Looking forward to working at my own bench today. I'm normally at uni, so to be in my own studio feels like a luxury.
Oct 26 2013

Research, research, research!!!!

Sooooooo, still on the subject of kinetic jewellery for my uni project; this week I looked at automata. I love this, and was wondering if I'll be able to make some automata pieces small enough to wear. Turns out there are ppeople who do this, so I think I may give this a go.
Once again, I have created an inspirational automata board on Pinterest. Take a look if you're interested
20th October 2013

As mentioned in a previous post, I am going to be designing and making a kinetic piece of jewellery for my final project at uni.

Kinetic Jewellery are pieces which include movement. My first kinetic piece I made was in my second year at uni, and I have been hooked ever since. In fact, I ahve always collected charms, and ones which moved, or opened and closed, or contained hidden things, have always been my favourite. i went on to design Foxwood which came thire at Pewter Live in 2012

Not only does my kinetic jewellery feature movement; they are also changeable in someway; by either attaching or detaching, adding or removing or open and closing pieces to create a new and different design each time you wear it.

You can see some of my designs here

I have also created a Kintetic Jewellery board on Pinterest.

17th October 2013

I am holding an open studio this weekend whilst the Festival of Crafts is on at the Maltings. I am in Studio 8, in the East Wing, so do pop in and visit if you are in the area.

Last year at this time, I was exhibiting in Clare Styles’ studio, when I heard some shared studio space with Dianan Greenwood was available to hire. I immediately contacted the manager and within a few days had secured the space. Now this year, I will be exhibiting my jewellery from my own studio space.

5th October 2013

I am researching kinetics for my latest project and came across these amazing 'creatures' by Theo Hansen
Man creates kinetic sculpture that moves and lives on its own!
How awful! What can we do to protect our designs!


Dorothy Perkins ripping off Myia's designs. Please help to raise awareness of the fight against theft in design.

16th September 2013

A very interesting article - Dating of beads sets new timeline for early humans.

12th September 2013

Thrilled to see that some of my pieces have been featured in Jewel Street's 'Rebel Yell' Selection! Watch this space, I'll be opening my store there shortly.

Cooksongold have been holding a competition for jewellers to enter a favourite or special piece they have made; along with a few words about it.

I decided to enter - with a few hours to spare before the competition closes! Last is my middle name!

I had been give a gift certificate for a short silver jewellery course and this bangle was only the second piece of jewellery I hade made at this stage. Never having tried this technique before, I was terrified to just squash this piece of solid silver, and the trying to get the granulation to stay on was an absolute nightmare! Of course I now realise that this was an ambitious technique for an absolute beginner.

It has its flaws, but I still love it, and was the start of my love affair with making silver jewellery, and within a few months I had enrolled on a BA (Hons) degree course in metalwork and jewellery at the Farnham University for the Creative Arts.

This bangle was only the second piece of jewellery I have made. Never having tried this technique before, I was terrified to just dive in and squash, hammer and manipulate this piece of solid silver. Trying to get the granulation to stay on was an absolute nightmare! Of course I now realise that this was an ambitious technique for an absolute beginner.

It turned out okay, and was the start of my love affair with making silver jewellery, and within a few months I had enrolled on a BA (Hons) degree course in metalwork and jewellery at the Farnham University for the Creative Arts.

6th September 2013

Bird skulls back from the platers. Doesn't he look great dressed in gold?

16th August 2013

I have spent the whole day updating my website. Finally got my brooch category going, and have now added mink jaw and bird skull brooches from the Immortal Collection. More to come soon.

2nd August 2013

Salleh is going to do a photoshoot using some of my bird skull jewellery and millinery. Can't wait to see the pics

Been sent a big box of jewellery and hats for Sundays shoot this is just one of the boxes Tracy Hills Jewellery — with Ruby Jewel and 2 others.

16th July 2013

Working on a commissioned ethced cuff at my impromtu workbench in the garden. It is way to hot to be working indoors, and now at 7:00 pm it is absolutely glorious outside.

11th May 2013
Wish I was in the workshop; instead I am working on my business plan - in particular, profit and loss and cash flow forecasts. Never was good at maths

May 10th 2013

Once again, I am doing a nature based project at uni, so whilst researching twigs, flowers and pods , I can across some fabulous contemporary natural organic jewellery, I have pu these all on my Pinterest board, so do pop over and have a look if you’re interested.

15th March 2013

I have a permanent display cabinet at the Maltings , so do pop along and see the jewellery I have available on display

20th February 2013

I was given a dead barn owl today by my friend Clare Styles. That is not as sinister as it sounds! One of these days i will make some jewellery from the bones

It is soo sad to see it though. It is an incredibly beautiful speciman and in gorgeous condition. There are no injuries on it; nd it just looks like it is sleeping. It is thought the the bird had a collision with a car.

I am not normally a fan of taxidermy; but in this case I wish I could have him taxidermied, and keep him in my studio. It doesn't deserve to just rot away into the earth.

Not sure what I'll do with him yet, but no doubt, I will use some of its bones to make some jewellery.

17th February 2013

I aim to teach silver jewellery classes from my little studio in the future. Not sure if it is something I could do, I decided to help Rebecca Skeels at the New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham with her ring making workshop on Saturday. I enjoyed it immensely, and realised that teaching is really something I want to do.

Although my fingers where itching to make my own jewellery, it was really rewarding seeing the pride on these pupils faces when they had finished their masterpieces.

14th February 2013

Hope you all have a happy and romantic Valentines Day.

Of course I should have been organised with a romantic design for today (it would probably have a gothic feel - perhaps a black heart?) ; however uni life has just got in the way. Perhaps I should start designing one now for next year. I may just have it ready by then.

12th February 2013

Had a fanatstic informative workshop with Anastasia Young today. Lots and lots of lovely spiders.

9th February 2013

Damn! A Sparrowhawk has just taken another pigeon in my garden! I know the Sparrowhawk needs to eat too; but it is awful seeing the hawk pluck the pigeon's feathers out whilst it is still alive.

8th February 2013

Should have been doing my Dissertation on Taxidermy Jewellery; instead have just watched Snow White and the Huntsman. Loved it! Corvids everywhere!
Of course it was purely research Had to check out Charlize Theron’s dung beetle shell dress.

8th February 2012

Whilst doing research for my dissertation. I came across this unique and novel way to make some stunning jewellery

7th February 2013

Normally love doing my jewellery degree; but am absolutely hating doing my Dissertation!! Just want to get into the workshop and make lovely things.

31st January 2013

1st proper day in my new studio. Yay!! What with Christmas, illness, uni projects - I have not had time to get in there. Really looking forward to it.
How different it is to my little studio in our garage at home. Although that had it’s merits.
8th January 2013
Just had some of my bronze bird skulls and claws silver and gold plated - what a difference! Will get images up on website soon

1st January 2013

Happy New Year!

A whole year since I started this blog. I must admit, I have not kept up to date nearly as much as I wanted to. I had hoped to give you a lot more information about my design inspirations.
New Year’s Resolution Number 1 – I will do better this year!
31st december 2013

Messed up my elbow filing metal again! So, that will be me pretty much out of action for a few weeks. How on earth am I supposed to have a career as a jeweller when I can’t pierce or file metal – pretty much the essentials of jewellery making!

27th December 2013

Was planning on going to my new studio and putting another coat of sealant on the workbench; but it is cold and rainy, and the duvet, couch and my book are calling; and technically it is still the festive season, so.......

25th December 2013

Merry Christmas everyone

24th December 2013

New studio finally up and running

A few more shelves need to be put up for my jewellery books, and chemicals etc, but at least I can work. Taking a break over Christmas, but am really looking forward to the New Year, when I can finally start working in my new studio

10th December 2013

I have just been putting my Christmas

Wishlist together. Nobody could ever complain that they don’t know what to buy me. My list has items from about £3.00 - £200.00 – and just about all of them are tools! Who would have thought 5 years ago that I would be asking for this.
Before, a bottle of Opium perfume would top my list and now it is hammers and sandbags. For those who refuse to by tools, my list contains fantastic tutorial style jewellery books and magazines.
28th November 2012

I am so excited, I have just signe the lease on a new workshop at the Maltings in Farnham. i will be sharing studio space with Diana Greenwood.

Up unitl now I have been working from a converted space in the garage. although it is lovely to work from home, and of course see all the wildlife that visits my garden, it will be lovely to get into a proper space - somewhere I will be happy to see clients.

13th November 2012

Messed up my elbow again! No piercing, filing, or polishing for me. Guess I had best get on with my sketchwork then.

24th October 2012

I LOVE Halloween – I love all the dark…… Halloween Special!
To celebrate spooky Halloween, I am giving away 1x solid bronze bird skull pendant. All you have to do is ‘Like’ my page, and share this post with all of your friends.
The draw will take place on All Hallows' Eve
Visit my FB page to to take part in the draw
18th October 2012

Festival of Crafts, Farnham, 20 October.
This weekend it is the Festival of Crafts at the Maltings in Farnham.
I – along with some fellow students have been offered some space in the lovely Clare Style’s studio. So do pop along and see what is on offer.
There are some fabulous designers and artwork available
31st August 2012

Scary news for all designers! It appears, it doesn't matter how much you try to protect your designs; there is always somebody ready to steal them.

June 2012

I won 3rd prize for ‘Foxwood’ in the Pewter Live 2012 competion.
Foxwood is an interactive 3D forest scene created by using four different layers of textured trees; some of which have either a fox, or a bird or a gemstone - in this case a moonstone to represent the moon.
Each layer can be flipped over the bail which changes the scene slightly, by placing the fox either in the foreground, middle or back of the forest.
29th May 2012

21st May 2012

So, had some great news - the craft study centre in Farnham have chosen some of my work to be exhibited in their foyer gallery until 11th June!

Two exhibitions in one month - doesn't get much better than that! From there the work will travel to china for an exhibition at the Gem Show.

07th May 2012

First Exhibition
I'm very excited about my first exhibition! I’ll be featuring my lace cuff bangles and my bird skull collection – Two very different aspects of my collection; but then again, I think we all have a bit of light and dark within us.
If you’re in the area, please pop in and visit.
Private view is on Tuesday 8th 5-30: - 8:30, and then open to the public from 9th -11th May.
It is being held in the James Hockey Gallery at the Farnham UCA, Falkner Road, Farnham. Opening times 10:00 – 5:00 Wednesday – Friday.
Hope to see you all there.
05th March 2012

It has been a while since my first blog, but I have been busy at uni casting lace. It has been a long and difficult process getting my castings to work; however, I think I have finally cracked it! Here are some images. Let me know what you think.
01st January 2012

A new year and a new blog.
From my trusty old jewellery work bench, I bid you a warm welcome, and all the very best for 2012.
Some of you may know that I have another jewellery website called Midnight Rose Creations, which specialises in fashion accessories and millinery. Although I had been making jewellery and fashion clothing for many years; this is where I started creating jewellery as a career, and launched the site in 2007, specializing in themed charm bracelets and necklaces.
Loving creating and making jewellery, I wanted to further my skills, so in 2009, I enrolled on a BA (Hons) degree in 3DD design in metalwork and jewellery. Even though I have been doing my degree on a part-time basis, it still takes up a huge amount of time, and leaves very little free time; however, I hope to keep you up to date with musings, news, and the inspirations behind my jewellery pieces and collections.
A lot of my work focuses on nature and features narrative and illustrative pieces.
You can also find me on
Hope you’ll join me on my journey.