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Sterling Silver Single Leafed Sycamore Pod, Pendant
Tracy Hills Jewellery

Sterling Silver Single Leafed Sycamore Pod, Pendant

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Sycamore trees have stood sentinel on earth long before humans even appeared. Palaeobotanist have dated Sycamore trees to be over 100 million years old and some can live for 500-600 years.

The Sycamore is an air and water element tree and it symbolises many things - strength, protection, eternity, divinity and vitality. They are also believed to promote relaxation and harmony, whilst at the same time raising energy levels and banishing lethargy. It is also said to not only bring success and abundance, but also to teach humility. Quite a feat for the humble Sycamore.

Their delicate leaves have such incredibly beautiful and detailed markings and when they fall to the ground in autumn, they resemble little helicopters - hence their nickname. 

Using the ancient and traditional lost wax casting method, this sterling silver sycamore pod has been cast from a real Sycamore leaf pod. As with my other castings from nature, every intricate detail and texture has been perfectly captured revealing a detailed and true-to-life piece of jewellery. I have however filed and polished any rough and sharp edges, so it is smooth and very comfortable to wear.

This is a single (half sycamore pod). Double pods are available in my store in a variety of finishes - polished, oxidised or Vermeil gold plate (gold plate over sterling silver) finish.

A beautiful keepsake for lovers of nature and of the mighty Sycamore tree.

This pendant is normally supplied with an 20 inch belcher chain, but if you would prefer it a bit longer, please let me know

Your pendant will arrive gift boxed.

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